Friday, 8 August 2008

Final London poster(s)

We finally decided on the layout of the London poster and the design of the routemaster bus, but the guys in the shop wanted the buildings to be grey and the sky to be light blue. I wanted to go for brighter bolder colours so I did a couple of variations to see if it worked. It did work, so we tried some more. And more. In the end we ended up with so many colour combinations that it became impossible to choose between them.

So we figured, why not let the customer decide! So now people who like the design will be able to pick from 32 different colour schemes (the posters in the shop will be printed to order so it's not like we have to pre-print all 32). Perfect for those who like their whole room to be colour coordinated. I've only uploaded a selection of them to this blog, as I think putting all 32 up might be a bit excessive.

Then we put them all into two big posters, all pop art like, so customers could see all the colour variations, and then decided to sell them as well because they looked quite fancy.

Seagulls, chimneys and sculture themed propaganda

A picture of two lovely seagulls surveying all that is around them from their privaledged place atop some rather fine looking chimney pots. Of course. For a flyer advertising a shop (that doesn't sell chimneys or seagulls).

And an unofficial poster for the Folkestone Triennial festival of sculpture. She's my girlfriend she is.

Folkestone Five

New blog post!

These are the five folkestone posters I finished about a month ago but never got round to putting up on here. I'd never been to Folkestone when I made these - I made them the way all the great artists in history made their masterpieces - I traced them off photographs. And then added people, most of which I traced off other photographs.

Next up: seagulls, chimneys and propaganda.

Monday, 23 June 2008

London Poster Variations

Update on the london poster. Decided to go for a more detailed skyline view of the city. Still not finished, but these are a few of the colour combinations I tried out once the main graphic design of the buildings was done. Next step is to try to even out some of the fiddlier details and get it all as bold as can be. Then a bus shall be added. A big red bus so that the world shall know that this be London.

Phonebox Poster

Here's a test design for a poster of a red phonebox. I like the fact that it's quite dark and moody, but still keeps that cliched 'British iconic landmark' edge. Might use it later on as a starting point for something more detailed. Might not.

Simple London Posters

I'm currently making some posters for a company in Folkestone, who intend to sell the posters during the Folkestone Triennial festival this summer. I'm making 5 posters of Folkestone, but they're not quite finished yet so I'm going to hold off putting them up on here til they're totally done and dusted. I'm also making a London poster for them (a lot of the people visiting Folkestone for the Triennial will be from London so we figured they might like a poster of their home town) and attached to this post are 3 of my early roughs for what the poster might have looked like. In the end we decided to go with something more detailed, but these three are all good in their own 'Paul Catherall' kind of way. I guess the problem was that they're too close to the 'Paul Catherall' style, which kind of highlighted the fact that they wern't as good as his stuff. Still nice though.

Friday, 20 June 2008

Haul Clean Designs

More stuff!!

These are early designs for a 30 second advert for an american haulage / home removals company. In the end the job got posponed indefinitely. Shame really as I really liked these designs and was looking forward to making a really stylised 50's 'cartoon modern' advert.

Oh well.